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Getting KΞΞN ® 

Nowadays every company is in some way in pursuit of becoming a more sustainable organization. However, if we really want to change the way in which we influence our habitat, we should realize that eco-efficiency in the end will not be enough to protect that very habitat.

The Export Office is dedicated to play its role in changing the attitude towards "green thinking". Inspired by The Natural Step, Cradle to Cradle and the Circular Economy, The Export Office is stimulating and investigating new ways of; producing end user products; cooperation within the Closed Loop Value Chain TM ;closing - combined - technological and biological loops; changing organizations into KΞΞN ® companiesPublications...

Our Services

Sustainovation in Practice

In the opinion of The Export Office the innovation process should be characterized by sustainable thinking and acting. This process is also known as Sustainovation. More...

Marketing Strategy in a Circular Economy

If companies want to implement the principles of a Circular Economy within their own business model, this will have a serious impact on the organization as well as the Marketing Strategy. The Export Office has developed very practical tools to handle the transition towards a so-called KΞΞN ® companyMore...

Closed Loop Value ChainTM Analysis

In order to realize Closed Loop Value Chains TM companies will have to adopt new supply chain strategies. The Export Office is recognized one of the pioneers in this rather unreclaimed field of expertise. More...        

Our Topics


Kickstarter campaign

The Export Office will launch a Kickstarter campaign - together with Ctrl Design - before the end of February 2015. A funny and catchy game will be presented to the 3D printing crowd, reflecting all aspects of this disruptive proces technology. Click here for the press releases.


Flexible Hybrid Slicing

The Export Office published info pages on Facebook and YouTube, featuring an in depth explanation about the Flexible Hybrid Slicing principle.



The Export Office presents world first HTL laminates ® built up out of PLA paper pulp with a high resilient, embossed PLA finish. Another worldwide scoop is the processing of this paper into a complete finished, light weight, bio based sandwich panel. Want to learn more ? Click here